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Atlas is all about delivering the best of experiences for your event. We take care of staff, the drinks and everything you need for guaranteed success.

We are experts at exceptional. The highest-quality service for corporate events, private functions, wedding receptions,festivals and much more. While we specialize in all bartender service, we’re capable of delivering on every aspect of your event. Our certified staff will understand your event needs, and together, we will develop a personalized plan for your special day. At Atlas Beverage and Bartending Services we are fully licensed to offer a complete bartending service in Chicago.

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atlas beverage and bartending services?

Atlas is a full service bartending, catering staffing, liquor license and events company serving the Chicagoland area.
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Perfect Event partners

For a seamless event, your bar staff needs to be in sync, they need to look the part, and they must keep your guests smiling all day or night. So, whether you need full staffing with catering for a corporate event or a last-minute bartender service for your private party, Atlas provides you with all the staffing services you need.

Bartending is our specialty, and we do it to perfection! We know that the art of bartending is so much more than pouring drinks and mixing cocktails with style.

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What we do

Atlas’s team of professional bartenders will deliver the best of experiences at your event. We take care of staff, the drinks and everything you need for a guaranteed success.
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Premium events services

Our staff are professionally licensed, energetic and highly trained to make your event an unbeatable experience.
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Events packages

Specially curated events packages for any occasion that take the stress out of planning an event.
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Event coordinator

For a truly unique experience, on the day of the event we will coordinate everything to make it a success.
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We want to hear your ideas for your event and requirements to create your best event in Chicago!

Let’s get on a short call to discuss your options taking to a person can give us a better idea what your ideal event is all about. We can make suggestions that could fit your event better with our experience and we can guide you the best way possible to make your experience unforgettable. 
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